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Joanie C Art Studio, LLC

Joanie C Art Studio, LLC

I am an abstract/impressionist artist based in Naples, FL who works in a free and intuitive approach letting the painting emerge through the color, movement, and lines applied to the canvas until the emotions of the piece emerges. Color is a powerful tool in invoking emotions on canvas and I couple the use of color with the music playing in my studio to maximize the energy of the piece. My goal is to invoke an emotional response from my work based on vivid color, composition, and harmony. Each viewer’s response to my abstract work may differ slight based on their personal experiences. Such is the wonderful concept of abstract art!

Once I discovered painting, I fell in love with the creative process and the joy experienced when a work has been completed. I become completely immersed in the painting, waiting for the story to emerge, and trying to do the story justice. Sometimes the canvas will toy with the intuitive artist, presenting challenges and surprises along the way. The success of the painting will depend on the patience of the artist to coax the painting into becoming the beautiful soul in the artist’s mind. My goal is always to connect others to the emotions of curiosity, excitement, danger and peace through the color and movement on my canvas.

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Bucolic Florida Press Release

Hi all;

My artwork named 'Own Your Dreams' is now published at Artistonish - August 2022 magazine via @Biafarin portal.

To learn more, please visit:

Read the magazine via the below link:

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